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"Reflect justice!"


Long ago in the land of Solorius, a young warrior princess by the name of Helena is poised to become the new empress.

On the day of her coronation, however, demon shadows arise from the depths of Nightshade, in an attempt to assassinate her before she can ascend the throne.

She escaped with her life but, they take away the treasure of her land and most of her armor, leaving behind an enchanted mirror.

With the use of her mirror she must fight her way back to her realm, recover the Holy Chalice of Light, and defeat the evil shadow Lord.


- 2 Levels

- One magic mirror

- Cute graphics

- A holy chalice


- A = Ready the shield
- S = Clone the first enemy
- D = Shield Bash

Using an Enemy
- D = Attack
- S = Back to Helena


- Press the Esc key

Built in Unity 3D. Tested on Windows 8.1


Cauá Picetti/@cauapicetti: Main Artist

@CScribes: Co-Artist

Will Be Added Shortly: Music

Vinícius Brochetto/@Chamagoiaba: Programmer

Matheus Schneider: Animator

Install instructions

1). Unzip

2). Press the yellow chailice

3). Enjoy!


Knight_Windows.zip 21 MB