A downloadable game for Windows

Play as Fiah as he tries to escape a strange dimension and gain enough life force to return home. Avoid the elements and finish before time runs out!


- Three Levels

- Cute Graphics

- Cool Music

- A whole lot of love put into it


- Right and Left Arrow Keys = Move

- Space bar = Jump

Built in Unity 3D. Tested on Windows 8.1


Cauá Picetti/@cauapicetti: Main Artist

Olivia Raymond/@CScribes: Co-Artist

Kara Square /@ThinkrootRecords: Music

- http://thinkrootrecords.com/

Douglas Novakoski: Programmer

Matheus Schneider: Animator

Special Thanks: Vinicius Brochetto

Install instructions

1). Unzip

2). Press the blue light

3). Enjoy!


Build Ex Nihilo Final.zip 52 MB